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If you pass the skin test, then you are well hydrated.

Now that summer is essentially here, hydration is a hot topic.  Especially in the Tucson desert, many of us are not well hydrated.  And, people think that salt is something that should be avoided.  But the truth is that minerals are important.  Unrefined salt is a great source for those minerals.

Unrefined salt is found in its natural state and full of minerals that are found in the earth– a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and a host of other minerals. In fact, it is the ionic charge across the cell wall between sodium and potassium, known as the sodium-potassium pump, that creates the electric charge that accounts for life itself, including how your nervous system communicates back and forth with your body. 

That’s right, how well the nervous system communicates depends on the presence of minerals in your body.  When you have minerals, or electrolytes in your body, they are the same thing, you better conduct messages from your NS to your body, to your muscles, to your tissues, organs, and cells, to facilitate healing.  Watch below to see if you could become well hydrated by adding some Celtic Sea Salt to your water.

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