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Meditation to Support Health and Vitality

When you are under prolonged stress, your body produces hormones that create the perfect environment for disease and dysfunction.  With this being the case, reducing that stress helps you feel better and heal better.  Meditation is something you can do easily on your own to support stress reduction and improve your health and vitality.

Many think of meditation as sitting quietly in an empty room, focusing on breathing to reach a quiet mind.  This is just one way to meditate.  Don’t give up on meditation if you just can’t get to this place.  I highly recommend guided meditations, where a speaker talks you through visualizations while you sit comfortably and follow along. This helps to quiet the mind chatter that you might experience otherwise.  Meditating outside in a natural environment can also do wonders for your levels of stress.

How to Incorporate Meditation

Meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning, as close to your wake-up time as possible.  As I just mentioned, if you find you have significant mind chatter, you may have an easier time if you meditate to a visual or auditory component, such as a video on YouTube (HayHouse Monday Meditations, Davidji, Joe Dispenza), or even yogic mantras.  You can find numerous meditation podcasts to listen to on your portable devices, as well.

When you are totally present, every moment has unlimited possibilities.  When you do the same old thing over and over again, you inherently eliminate those possibilities.  And, when the things you are doing cause or contribute to stress, you are not giving yourself an opportunity to reduce or release it.  Meditation is one way to bring you to the present moment.  This, in turn, opens up possibilities to reducing stress and improving your health and vitality.

Check out this short video on meditation.  It might be much easier than you think!

Dr. Kalaba is a chiropractor in Tucson, AZ, practicing gentle chiropractic care and providing health tips to help you live the best rest of your life.

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