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Healthy Home & Body Care
5-Day Challenge (FREE)

Live the BEST Rest of Your Life

Toxin Exposure Via Cleaning & Body Care Products

Let’s take an inventory of a daily routine:

  • Brush with toothpaste
  • Clean skin with soap or shower gel
  • Wash face
  • Suds scalp with shampoo and conditioner
  • Use shaving cream and maybe aftershave
  • Apply lotion, deodorant, perfume or cologne
  • Makeup

How many personal care or cosmetic products do you use just to start your day?

At the end of this 5-day challenge, you will have specific action steps you can take to start supporting yourself in reducing your toxic load.

Dr. Kalaba, DC, will be hosting 5-Day Challenges online and via email. Every month will have a new challenge, teaching you steps to live the BEST rest of your life. You will need to register for each challenge to receive the healthy tips, action items, and Q&A.